Colossalangeles is the god that dreamed Losangelopolis into existence.

You need to know that.


DOWNLOAD THE ALBUM (but you’re gonna want the book, too)

Deluxe Edition

When they found my body behind the Satellite I was clutching this handwritten book and there was a demo tape of this album in my pocket and the ambulance driver and the coroner thought they were both awesome and if you buy the album you will agree, I’m sure.

They put the album on a flash drive that looks like the sign on the onramp where I used to hang out, which is a nice touch, and they did a fantastic job reproducing the book and if you buy the book you will agree, I’m sure.


by Jim Priest




Out here no one can hear you scream
They’re all screaming too
Inside your head he leans in close and whispers
Out here the light is so damned good
The light is so damned good
Colossalangeles awaits you in the bushes

– from “Colossalangeles”

The roaches on the south wall,
fortified by the remnants of a Burrito Supreme,
form a phalanx and advance menacingly
on the roaches of the east wall

– from “Sherman & Sepulveda”

Summoned thus his supplicants crawl westward
with hearts of scar
and heads of solid bone
Eager to be cruelly crushed
beneath his mighty smirk

– from “Colossalangeles”

Seek you not Ovelika
Bestower of Fame
Even now she passes
Bound and gagged in Dennis Woodruff’s trunk

– from “Lesser Gods of Greater Los Angeles”


I was abducted by a feral band of Latvian hookers when I was a year and a half into my first Mormon mission spreading the good word. This was a real game changer. I’ve been writing poetry ever since. After a couple million coffee houses, a few hair bands on The Strip, and a life of abject debauchery I ended up with a wrinkled brown paper bag of songs, poems and stories, some of which even I like.

Hypnotic guitar meets wrong side of the tracks storytelling, leading us down a dark alley of spokenword intrigue. (…) Jagged harmonicas tear in. Jim Priest is not to be missed.

For fans of: Tom Waits, Loudoun Wainwright III, Sage Francis.

– Shannon Duvall, from “Before I Die”, YouBloom Festival

Jim Priest Mondays with Water Tower

Jim Priest Mondays

Jim Priest Mondays. 14 Layers of Skin. Losangelopolis.

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