Secret Agent Seven

The morning sun was wicked as it cut into his eyes
So he grabbed some cheap sunglasses as a part of his disguise
They were dirty and they pinched him but he knew that they would work
He was Secret Agent Seven masquerading as a jerk
His foreman was impatient cause he got to work so late
But he loved his quarter pounders cause they always came out great
He’d been working that McDonalds since they opened up the place
but there wasn’t one employee who could recognize his face
Now the source of his obsession had eluded him thus far
He was holed up in a room somewhere behind the local bar
But he knew that he’d be hungry when he finally hit the street
and he also knew McDonald’s was his favorite place to eat
So he worked there and he waited for the magic day to come
when he’d finally get his hands upon that dirty no good bum
Seven years at one McDonald’s seemed a little price to pay
Cause he couldn’t go on living if he let him get away
But the years of flipping burgers had begun to take their toll
He began to lose the fire that had once consumed his soul
So that when his nemesis arrived and ordered up a shake
The recognition of his man was more than he could take
He tried to read the man his rights he tried to pull his gun
He dropped his cheap sunglasses and was blinded by the sun
He tried to find the proper words but all that he could say
was thank you sir please come again and have a happy day