It’s here. Colossalangeles is here.

9:30pm Friday March 16th at Silverlake Lounge 2906 Sunset Blvd 90026

As soon as I decided to make an epic electric blues poem with quasi-religious imagery and psychocultural undertones, and who doesn’t decide that at some point in their life, embellishments and obstacles began popping up like mushrooms on a rain-soaked cowpie.

Having set the story in filthy Hollywood in the 80’s, regression therapy was necessary to recall memories which trauma and embarrassment had long since rendered inaccessible.

Then, of course, certain gods had to be appeased. Amplifiers, reputations, and even plump Norwegian rats were sacrificed behind select shrubbery throughout the city.

Songs written, record recorded, an illustrated book was needed. Duh.

Enough with the back story, already.

It’s here.

Colossalangeles is here.

Ain’t it grand?? that freeway sign you see is a jump-drive of the album, by the way. You know you want it.

Those trusting souls who bought their copies in advance so I could eat are getting theirs first, but you can get yours this Friday:

@SilverlakeLnge #SurgeEvent
Friday March 16, 9:30pm
2906 Sunset Blvd 90026

We’ll knock the lounge’s cover charge off the book when you buy one there.

See you Friday!


10:30pm Wednesday January 17th at Now Boarding 7746 Santa Monica Blvd. 90046

Who doesn’t want a shirt covered with roaches?
With said shirt, you can:
– Impress everyone with your entymological fortitude
– Gross out your mom
– Break up with someone without having to “find the words”

Be the first one on your block to proudly display an illustration from “Colossalangeles” the book/album coming out next month!

All you gotta do is come and see us play 10:30pm Wednesday January 17th at Now Boarding 7746 Santa Monica Blvd. 90046

It’s a gas of a classy joint and there’s no cover, and the first five freaks to show up to see us will receive this fine limited edition t-shirt.

You know you want it, and really, it wants you too…

@NowBoardingLA #SurgeEvent
Wednesday January 17 10:30p
7746 Santa Monica Bl. 90046