Jim Priest syndrome @ The Airliner Friday 8.11

Party Punx Arrrt Parrrrrty presents
Jim Priest Syndrome
Friday, August 11, 11pm
The Airliner 2419 N. Broadway 90031

Jim Priest Syndrome 8.11 @ The Airliner

Thought to be eradicated as far back as the 90’s, Jim Priest syndrome seems to have returned in a virulent and disruptive form. Public health officials failed to act decisively when Jim Priest began plying his seemingly benign melodic wares in local dives as a solo act, and now it has metastasized into a band replete with a swollen, throbbing rhythm section. Now a full-blown outbreak is set to be loosed upon unsuspecting clubgoers on Friday night, August 11 at the Airliner 2419 N. Broadway Los Angeles 90031.

Protective clothing may prove ineffective, but you should probably wear something.

This is a PartyPunx ARRRT PARRRRTY so expect an avalanche of bands and art.