I love your pussy but I hate your cat
Even now I see him sitting on your lap
He’s grinning and he’s squinting at me
from beneath your fond caress
I want to sit right there and lick myself too
I want to claw your favorite shirt to shreds
I want you to pick little lumps of my shit out of the carpet
and call me naughty boy
and spank my ass
But not too hard
And when I’m finished pissing on your pillow
I want you to chuck me under the chin and talk baby talk to me baby
Talk baby talk to me baby
You could tell me almost anything
Just don’t tell me bout those things we haven’t got
and all the men that I am not
and all the shit I’d have to do
to get some fucking love from you
I love your pussy but I hate your cat
I see that motherfucker sitting on your lap
Why doesn’t he get off his fat fucking cat ass
and get a job
and take care of you
and buy you flowers
and rub your back
and stand around in the mall while you try on clothes
and wait in the living room for you to get ready to go to some dinner party
and listen to you and your stupid fucking friends bitch
Just who is the dumb animal around here anyway?